Version 2.1.7801, Jun 19

  • Remove some unnecessary function
  • Fix bug contact find
  • Build pkg support for openSuse 15.3, Debian 11
  • Build pkg support for Ubuntu Hirsute, fedora 34

Version 2.1.7800, March 23

  • Fixed bug active license

Version 2.1.7799, March 19

  • Fixed bug show the Unknown name display
  • Fixed cannot show avatar with custom server

Version 2.1.7789, March 08

  • Fixed crash when get check on "Show Pictures of Contact"
  • Add build pkg support Gentoo OS
  • Add function "Push to talk" on call using space button
  • Add "turn ON/OFF" Mic control from sky_sender

Version 2.1.7772, Oct 17

  • Fixed: self notification with chat sb
  • Fixed: Sometime could not sign in

Version 2.1.7769, Oct 15

  • Add: Change display name group conversation
  • Change: Do not show window with Chat msg notify
  • Fixed: Sky crashes when use button "REDIAL"
  • Fixed: Sky crashes when share group
  • Fixed: Indicator sharing status
  • Fixed: Color of the user when click it (Tumbleweed)
  • Fixed: Sky is crashed when choose "tab UI"
  • Fixed: Sky crash when exit App
  • Fixed: pulseaudio crash when release sharing
  • Fixed: Sometimes disconnect in conference

Version 2.1.7738, Oct 06

  • Change: behavious option "Stop message popup, tray notice only"
  • Add: Notification for new Chat IM
  • Fixed: missing number unread msg
  • Fixed: do not show button "Add participants"
  • Fixed: Status always "Away"
  • Fixed: Display name "Me" -> need clear history Chat
  • Fixed: Wrong display name with Skype acc

Version 2.1.7700, Oct 01

  • Add: New OS OpenSuse Tumbleweed
  • Fixed: 'sky --version' does not working on Fedora
  • Fixed: Do not close chat window when sign out
  • Fixed: Crash when using curl processing data
  • Fixed: Crash when choose 'Stop popup' on Opensuse & Debian
  • Fixed: Crash when chosen bad theme
  • Fixed: Focus Button OK when create new Group

Version 2.1.7661, Sep 16

  • Fixed: screen sharing/KDE crash on Kubuntu

Version 2.1.7660, Sep 15

  • Fixed: screen sharing/KDE User Interface Scaling
  • Fixed: bug pop-up for Linux Mint
  • Fixed: bug open chat window when using chat tab UI
  • Fixed: some UI on dark mode
  • Fixed: Cannot search a contact anymore
  • Fixed: issue symlink on ubuntu 20.04
  • Change: log level file default to 0
  • Remove: app watcher
  • Add: check version by cmd 'sky --version'
  • Improved: mode Fullscreen for sharing widget

Version 2.1.7625, Sep 01

  • Add: sky_sender link
  • Fixed: bug notification click handler
  • Fixed: bug "Join meeting dialog" textbox field disable
  • Fixed: bug press hold '0' key on keyboard while calling
  • Fixed: Disable video on/off when start making a call
  • Fixed: bug Ampersand displayed as "&" in participants list
  • Fixed: Sky segfault on startup with openSuse 15.2
  • Fixed: bug active license

Version 2.1.7613, Aug 15

  • Fixed: Crash when received "Poll" msg from S4B
  • Fixed: alignment text sender and receiver in chat window
  • Fixed: "Stop message pop-up, tray notice only" check off open chat window
  • Fixed: Fix color button widget when chosen Fusion Theme
  • Add: Feature join meeting for sky_sender
  • Add: Make some beautiful status and note
  • Fixed: remove disable relogin dialog function

Version 2.1.7605, Aug 01

  • Fixed: "Stop message pop-up, tray notice only" don't work
  • Fixed: Display and handling of Links in Chat messages
  • Fixed: Scroll video in group conversion
  • Fixed: Some names are displayed with incorrect encoding

Version 2.1.7599, July 15

  • Fixed: App restart when run app on Favourit or Launcher
  • Fixed: Not release sound device after a call
  • Add: Support Archlinux

Version 2.1.7589, July 01

  • Fixed: Fixed some issue UI for stylesheet_dark mode
  • Fixed: Ignore select audio playback device
  • Add: Support for Ubuntu 20.04(focal), fedora 32
  • Fixed: somes case Crash when exit App

Version 2.1.7550, Jun 02

  • Fixed: fixed bug: do not call to Sfb user
  • Fixed: crash when user press ESC on Option->Video Device tab
  • Fixed: Send app to tray system
  • Fixed: enable avatar, not display avatar if re-login
  • Fixed: avoid crash
  • Fixed: status when search
  • Fixed: cancel timer if key search exist, add timer send beep
  • Fixed: in lobby federate meeting
  • Fixed: join meeting web failed due to cookie
  • Fixed: cancel delete search buddy if key search exist
  • Fixed: no dial ringing signal
  • Fixed: message was truncated
  • Fixed: remove double quit application
  • Fixed: ignore subcribe pexip status
  • Improved: user can change input, output volume default value
  • Added: add dialog wait for pending message

Version 2.1.7520, November 26

  • Fixed: user status
  • Fixed: fail when join meeting as guest
  • Fixed: get correct share desktop size
  • Fixed: crash share desktop
  • Added: communicate with Pexip device: call, share, video

Version 2.1.7458, July 24

  • Remove unuse log trace

Version 2.1.7456, July 19

  • Fixed: join meeting as guest fail
  • Fixed: lobby waiting while joining a meeting
  • Fixed: transfer call error
  • Fixed: crash chat after joing a meeting as guest
  • Fixed: highlight current speaker
  • Fixed: share desktop fail make Sky hang

Version 2.1.7437, June 10

  • Fixed: File transfer crash to MAC
  • Fixed: Limit share desktop 2 minutes

Version 2.1.7434, June 05

  • Fixed: several bugs in join meeting as guest

Version 2.1.7427, May 19

  • Added: join meeting as guest
  • Fixed: a bug while logging out

Version 2.1.7369, April 19

  • Fixed: a crash bug relate to static variable
  • Fixed: cannot view share desktop in a converence

Version 2.1.7353, March 04

  • Fixed: crash while login if log level less than 4
  • Fixed: login failed if internal server error, change to external server
  • Fixed: Stop search thread while signout, restrict crash

Version 2.1.7347, January 15

  • Fixed: some crash bugs when: login, logout
  • Fixed: cannot login cause domain query fail

Version 2.1.7338, December 21

  • Fixed: register app fail cause https license server connection error

Version 2.1.7332, December 14

  • Fixed: Crash while login

Version 2.1.7330, December 13

  • Fixed: Call in federate meeting

Version 2.1.7328, December 11

  • Changed: register license by email, do not user hardware infor anymore
  • Fixed: crash program cause persitant pool memory leak
  • Fixed: user can not join a conference if no contact in the contact list
  • Fixed: memory leak in whole program
  • Fixed: mute/unmute participant in a federate meeting
  • Improved: compatible vbss and rdp

Version 2.1.7300, October 26

  • Fixed: Share desktop with Skype for Business 2013, 2016
  • Changed: Not save username and password login default

Version 2.1.7295, October 22

  • Added: Mute a participant in a conference
  • Added: show number of new messages (Unread) in the contact list
  • Added: reconnect to share deskop session in a meeting
  • Fixed: memory leak and crash program when login
  • Fixed: time counter display in a call meeting
  • Fixed: fill content in a share desktop session
  • Fixed: cannot connect - forever loop while connecting to federate meeting
  • Fixed: cannot share desktop between 2 Sky clients while using VBSS

Version 2.1.7279, October 03

  • Fixed: Activation by username and domain UI

Version 2.1.7277, October 02

  • Update license activation by email and domain
  • Added: mute and unmute participant in a meeting
  • Fixed: call disconnect after few hours

Version 2.1.7266, September 20

  • Fixed: Activation license not responding

Version 2.1.7261, September 14

  • Support https license server
  • Fixed: Crash when screensharing use vbss
  • Fixed: call drop after 1hr50

Version 2.1.7241, August 31

  • Fixed: Crash while creating contact group fail
  • Fixed: Crash when make video call to Lync 2010
  • Fixed: Call fail
  • Fixed: Call disconnect after few minutes

Version 2.1.7231, August 10

  • Fixed: Share desktop with Lync 2015
  • Added: Enable/Disable download contact avatar in Setting
  • Fixed: Audio drop in a call
  • Fixed: Crash if no contact load
  • Improved: Load contact list by new method

Version 2.1.7213, July 7

  • Fixed: Resize window in VBSS share desktop
  • Fixed: joing meeting fail cause enpoint conflict
  • Updated SDK: audio and video callback in/out

Version 2.1.7196, Jun 19

  • Fixed: DTMF in receive call
  • Update SDK callback and build

Version 2.1.7172, Jun 4

  • Fixed: DTMF in call
  • Improved: VBSS quality

Version 2.1.7162, May 25

  • Fixed: Call noise in a conference
  • Fixed VBSS: Multi monitor

Version 2.1.7146, May 16

  • Fixed: Crash program if use VBSS in a conference

Version 2.1.7143, May 11

  • SDK update: enable send and receive audio callback - handle callback
  • Fixed: send and receive share in a conference, if the conference has member not support VBSS
  • Fixed: Crash program if use VBSS in a conference

Version 2.1.7132, May 3

  • Update outlook API: added wrapper function
  • Fixed: Crash program at the startup if license.key exist in /usr/lib/sky

Version 2.1.7132, April 25

  • Update VBSS: Improved quality and resolution between 2 Sky clients
  • Fixed: Crash program when receiving share desktop

Version 2.1.7119, April 11

  • Update VBSS: improved quality sending and receiving data (up to 4K) and fixed crashes
  • Update Outlook calendar API: handle event in calendar
  • Fixed share desktop bug RDP and VBSS: Scale image in sharing viewer window

Version 2.1.7106, March 29

  • Update VBSS: receive, send vbss in a conversation and a meeting
  • Fixed: Crash program in signing in process
  • Fixed : Freeze program in call meeting
  • Change codec order in call : G722, G711
  • Add new API : Get meeting resource from Outlook REST API

Version 2.1.7090, February 26

  • Fixed: Can not send messages to external contact
  • Fixed: Can not share secondary monitor

Version 2.1.7083, February 06

  • Fixed: video display outside meeting window in high resolution screen
  • Added: DBUS-API join meeting
  • Fixed: Apply proxy in getting session token

Version 2.1.7075, January 23

  • Fixed: video overlap in video meeting
  • Fixed: cannot connect receiving call from OSX
  • Fixed: List of attendees not shown when invited to group conversation

Version 2.1.7065, January 12

  • Fixed: on/off video in a meeting
  • Fixed: preview window size in a meeting

Version 2.1.7048, January 05

  • Added: option to enable resize screen sharing viewer in General Setting
  • Added: adjust time option to show status as Away/Inactive in General Setting

Version 2.1.7045, January 02

  • Added: on/off video button in a meeting
  • Added: show/hide relogin dialog check box in setting option
  • Improved: video call in a meeting
  • Updated: list attendees in the meeting window

Version 2.1.7026, December 15

  • Fixed: green box then white box in video meeting
  • Fixed: mic/cog button click event in call window
  • Set fixed size for screen sharing window viewer

Version 2.1.7019, December 06

  • Fixed: crash on exit video meeting
  • Fixed: video display in meeting
  • Fixed: search contact fail if search string include space
  • Fixed: wrong clock in call meeting

Version 2.1.7013, November 28

  • Fixed: Missing video window in video meeting
  • Fixed: Correct audio device after selecting device in device setting window

Version 2.1.6997, October 27

  • Fixed: Missing video window in settings or during video call

Version 2.1.6994, October 25

  • Test call disable if test call service is not available
  • Fixed: User cannot hear others during a call
  • Fixed: Incorrect URL rendering in chat history

Version 2.1.6991, October 9

  • Joining Office 365 meeting via URI fixed

Version 2.1.6988, October 3

  • Leaving federate meeting.
  • Corrupt video during conference call
  • Termination of video conference after 10 minutes
  • Attendee name in a meeting
  • Cannot send message to a conference after joing some meeting
  • Cannot join a meeting link
  • Update message in persistent chat room
  • Crash receiving a message from federate user
  • ... and others bugs
  • Video buffer and distortion for HD video in a video conference

Version 2.1.6918 August 4

  • Microsoft Live (Office 365) authentication fixed;
  • Experimental Microsoft ADAL (OAuth) support added;
  • UI and user status handling improvement;
  • Bugs fixed;
  • Fedora 26 package introduced;

Version 2.1.6821 June 13

  • Meetings: Display participant name bug fixed.
  • .
  • Meetings: Display file transfer function added.
  • SDK: Added 3rd party libs in src/third_party directory.

Version 2.1.6807 June 9

  • Meeting on link != login domain (federation) added.
  • Receive file transfer in multi person chat added (send file in multi chat not added yet).
  • SDK: Fixed crash bug and send/receive video bug.
  • SDK: Added API for raw video stream of video or desktop sharing.

Version 2.1.6706 May 12

  • Completely fixed bug that affects meetings/calls/screen sharing.
  • Window disappears when start in RHEL 6.
  • Calls fail, caused by wrong binding ip address.

Version 2.1.6674 May 3

  • Fixed bug that affects meetings/calls/screen sharing.
  • We are still working on this, and will release another build soon.

Version 2.1.6669-1 April 22

  • White noise in conference calls
  • Meeting bug fixed. We will also add external meetings feature in May.
  • Call connect speed improved
  • Empty chat messages on Mac from users during conference call
  • Gnome tray icon bug

Version 2.1.6660-1 April 17

  • Login
  • Crash
  • Search
  • Status
  • Gentoo native package
  • External meeting link: Started work on it, will release in May

Version 2.1.6633-1 April 1

  • Program sharing feature added
  • Login bug fixed
  • SILK codec added

Version 2.1.6606-1 March 24

  • Login to 365: Fixed a bug
  • Consumer Skype: Now you can chat with consumer Skype contacts
  • Login by 2 factor auth: Added this feature
  • Fixed some crash bugs

Version 2.1.6582-1 March 14

  • Dark theme support: Added, and will improve next build

Version 2.1.6574-1 March 6

  • 2 factor authorization login fixed
  • Save login credentials option checkbox added

Version 2.1.6571-1 March 1

  • Debian Stretch package fixed
  • 2 factor authorization login added
  • Screen sharing colours Linux -> Mac fixed SLS-2183

Version 2.1.6566-1 February 17

Version 2.1.6533 January 10

  • Fixed bugs: search, status, video display

Version 2.1.6513-4 January 5

  • Fixed search and login bugs

Version 2.1.6428 December 20

  • Fixed search and login bugs

Version 2.1.6422 December 15

  • Login bug fixed (memory leak in database process)

Version 2.1.6420 December 12

  • Login bug fixed (server date)

Version 2.1.6418 December 10

  • Fixed:
  • Login bug (server date)
  • Avatar display bug
  • Persistent chat room: Can't unfollow (SLS-1938)

Version 2.1.6407 December 2

  • Login bug fixed
  • Log export bug fixed

Version 2.1.6404 November 25

  • Status bugs fixed
  • License bug fixed
  • Added feature to lock client settings

Version 2.1.6399 November 21

  • FIXED:
  • License bug
  • Login bug
  • Several seconds freeze on sending/receiving messages
  • Can't type Russian or Ukranian

Version 2.1.6378-1

  • Slavic language typing fixed
  • Status bug fixed

Version 2.1.6378

  • Improved license function

Version 2.1.6376

  • Fixed license bug that causes "License code reached limit of installations"
  • Package improvements

Version 2.1.6375

  • Improved license system & Linux packages
  • - Logins, especially for Ubuntu
  • - Disconnects after about 8 minutes in 365.
  • - Screen sharing Linux -> Win doesn't start in some environments.

Version 2.1.6336

  • Fixed: OpenSSL bug (undefined symbol: private_RC4_set_key)

Version 2.1.6327-1

  • Released AppImage package for any distro (in theory)
  • Improved package quality
  • Fixed: Can't input Japanese characters SLS-1449
  • Red and Blue inverted on screen share SLS-1575
  • Fixed: Log too big SLI-1327

Version 2.1.6306-1

  • Fixed login: Can now edit user-agent in connection settings
  • Fedora 24 build released
  • SUSE SLED 12 version released (compatible with 12 SP1)
  • Fixed: bug when end video conference
  • IBus input support returned (used for Chinese/Japanese text users/MBCS input first place)
  • Minor package improvements: icons, shell wrappers, etc.
  • Package filenames changed slightly


  • Much better build quality
  • Fixed persistent chat rooms

Version 2.0.496

  • No symbol found in RedHat/CentOS/SUSE

Version 2.0.495

  • Upgraded Qt libraries
  • No system tray in RedHat/CentOS/SUSE KDE

Version 2.0.485

  • Search
  • Screen sharing: Crash when click end share button on SUSE 64 bit
  • Unicode characters display of contact

Version 2.0.481

  • Screen sharing: Improved and fixed bug

Version 2.0.471

  • Fixed a crash bug in login process
  • Fix bug Sky default home path
  • Fixed bug display chat message

Version 2.0.467

  • Login: Restore saved password
  • Fixed export log output file

Version 2.0.466

  • Screen sharing: Improved screen sharing and implemented auto scale sharing content depend on shring window
  • Fixed zombie processes after receiving instant message
  • Fixed directory name in file transfer
  • Fixed duplicated message in database

Version 2.0.464

  • Screen sharing: Improved screen sharing module: CPU load, Fixed screen sharing bug showing a grey window
  • Fixed crash bug when right click on external contact
  • Fixed time limit in call, screen share, video if 7 days remain in license

Version 2.0.462

  • Search contact: Fixed crash bug after server response error message
  • Removed osUser field in registration of license request

Version 2.0.461

  • Login: Send request to correct server
  • Corrected the search contacts flow

Version 2.0.455

  • Screen sharing: Fixed bugs and big improvement!
  • Login failure fixed for some environments

Version 2.0.452

  • Update and improve sharing module
  • Fixed some crash bugs in sharing function
  • Fixed some crash bugs in media conference

Version 2.0.443

  • SLS-956: Text Color
  • Fixed a crash bug in login process
  • SLI-1091 Only load persitent chat when needed

Version 2.0.442

  • SLI-1294 [Persistent chat]: Persistent chat rooms do not load
  • SLS-146 Persistent chat: Sorry! This account does not support persistent chat!
  • SLS-959 Persistent chat long IM -> Segfault
  • SLS-955 Sky linux does not work on 365 in China
  • Update self note if user logs in on multiple PCs

Version 2.0.440

  • SLS-959 Persistent chat long IM fails
  • SLS-146 Persistent chat bug
  • SLS-951 Mic not working on Fedora 22
  • SLS-942 Security risk
  • SLS-928 Should disable video by default
  • SLS-929 Sky creates huge green squares on the screen

Version 2.0.434

  • SLS-919 Can't login
  • SLS-921 update sky via yum
  • SLS-924 SuSE repository GPG key
  • SLI-653 Activate Wync license from a shell
  • SLS-916 Reregister after each upgrade
  • SLS-923 Sky installer asks for key during automatic updates